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    Noyes Health provides inpatient and outpatient care at our facilities in Dansville and Geneseo.

    Regional Health System:

    Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital
    Dansville 585-335-6001

    Noyes Health Services
    Geneseo 585-991-6001

    Mental Health Offices
    Dansville 585-335-4316

    Kidney Disease & Dialysis Center
    Geneseo 585-991-5015

    Creekside Family Medicine
    Canaseraga 607-545-0032

    After Hours Care
    Dansville 585-335-3096
    Geneseo 585-243-9595

    Physical Therapy
    Dansville 585-335-4239
    Geneseo 585-991-6005

    Wellness and Community Education
    Dansville 585-335-4355

    Diabetes Education
    Dansville 585-335-4355

    Pain Managent
    Dansville & Geneseo 585-335-4765

    Childbirth Education
    Dansville 585-335-4249

    Diagnostic Imaging
    Dansville 585-335-4236
    Geneseo 585-991-6016

    E.A.R.S. Lifeline
    Dansville 585-335-4359

    Lab Draw Stations
    Dansville 585-335-4222
    Lakeville 585-346-0710
    Geneseo 585-243-0230

    Pre-operative Scheduling and Registration
    Dansville 585-335-4268
    Geneseo 585-991-6009

    Sleep Disorders Lab
    Dansville 585-335-4285

    Respiratory Therapy
    Dansville 585-335-4339

    Patient Financial Services
    Dansville 585-335-6038
    Geneseo 585-991-6001

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    • Noyes Health is a one stop, state of the art health care system with a community feel.
    • The level of caring and personal attention each patient experiences is without equal.
    • At Noyes Health, delivering quality healthcare with compassion is our primary concern.
    • Thank You for Choosing Noyes Health!


    Mary Saunders Beiermann Emergency Department Ribbon Cutting, June 6, 2014
    Mary Saunders Beiermann Emergency Department Ribbon Cutting, June 6, 2014
    Mary Saunders Beiermann Emergency Department Entrance at Night
    New Lab Draw Station at Nicholas H. Noyes Campus Dansville
    Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital Campus Dansville
    Noyes Health Services Campus Geneseo
    Mental Health Office Dansville
    Kidney Disease and Dialysis Center Geneseo
    Creekside Family Medicine Canaseraga
    Saunders Surgical Center Dansville Campus
    July Open Night
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