• Fudge, chocolates, cheesecakes and more are delicious additions to your familiar "Sweet Spot" in Geneseo!  Sweet Arts Bakery at 95 Main Street was a recent winner in the Dream-O-Vate business competition that aimed to enhance and grow downtown businesses in Livingston County.  Sweet Arts is a delightful bakery and coffee shop.

    As you walk in, the smell of Evening Star Coffee wafts through the air from the new addition of a fresh coffee grinding area.  Pick one of the many featured flavors made locally and then pick your grind - from French Press to Drip - and take home the perfect bag of coffee. Not sure what flavor to choose?  Grind a small amount and the staff will brew some for you to sample!  We chose the Moose Trail beans ground for the French Press and can't wait to enjoy a cup over the holiday weekend.

    As you walk past local vendor items (jams, soaps, popcorn) displayed you come upon the new refrigerated case that will be home to an expanded menu of cheesecakes, dessert cakes and macarons. Next the new candy case comes into view - chocolates filled with caramel, lemon, raspberry, peanut butter meltaways, and more are hard to pass by!  Great gifts for friends or a little treat for yourself!  The baked goods are next in line - cakepops, breads (they bake about 120 loaves per week!), the famous cinnamon rolls, and on this day - fresh out of the oven molasses cookies that customers were purchasing before they could even be put into the case! 

    As you get closer to the register to place your order (if you can decide after all the amazing choices) you will pass another new addition - FUDGE!  There were samples of the Oreo fudge for customers to try - and the reviews we heard were very good.  The bakery was buzzing with customers and the staff was happily helping those customers with their choices and brewing iced cappuccinos and chai teas that are part of an extensive list of choices to quench your thirst and accompany the sweet treat! 

    Ruth Ann Lewis, owner of Sweet Arts Bakery, is excited for the changes - not only in layout and additions - but also in the feel of what Sweet Arts is.  There is a shift from a coffee shop that sells bakery items back to a bakery that sells coffee, which Ruth Ann is thrilled about.  Sweet Arts is a family business and it is obvious that it is a passion for Ruth Ann and her entire family.  Her youngest son was helping in the shop today, her husband (a teacher on summer break) was out at a local farm market selling their baked goods, and her oldest son is a barista at a coffee shop near his college in Pennsylvania. 

    What began as a life-long love of baking became a business in the Spring of 2011 in Avon as a bakery and special order cake shop.  The name Sweet Arts came from a desire to make edible works of art...art with an expiration date. The bakery moved to Geneseo in 2015.  Ruth Ann is excited for the updates to the business.  In the kitchen is a new commercial freezer - which is incredibly exciting for any bakery owner!  There is also a new area for classes or larger groups to meet. Sweet Arts also carries soups, bagels, quiches, stuffed bread, ice cream, and takes orders for custom cakes.  Ruth Ann and her staff are very excited for all the physical changes and additions and the new additions to their menu, but when asked what she most wanted people to know about Sweet Arts was their love for their customers.  They enjoy helping them and keeping their lives sweet!  Be sure to stop in and follow them on Facebook for specials and events! 

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