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    The GLOW With Your Hands initiative launched in 2019 with an in-person experiential event that connected 60 employers with 800 students and showcased in-demand careers in Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Skilled Trades.  This hands-on career exploration event allowed students to lay bricks, spread concrete, weld, drive a backhoe, and so much more.  GLOW (Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming Counties) company representatives had meaningful conversations with students in which students learned about what a day in the life looks like, job outlooks, income opportunities, and, most importantly, the pathways into these careers.  Students learned about the direct relevance of their course work in middle and high school (what classes they should be taking), BOCES programming that aligns with career development, and post-secondary training, certifications, and/or degrees that are needed to work in these fields.

    Glow With Your Hands Virtual launched in November of 2020, introducing 34 in-demand jobs in Agriculture, Food Production, Manufacturing, and Skilled Trades in the GLOW region.  The Education to Employment Initiatives office at the Chamber, in collaboration with the GLOW With Your Hands Committee, has worked diligently over the past 4 months to create this unique and innovative platform.  Students, educators, and parents are able to immerse themselves in "A Day in the Life" video content filmed with local companies, discover the pathways to employment, and link to local companies offering these positions.  Students, parents, and educators have the ability to view this site in classrooms, or in the comfort of their own homes and share meaningful conversations about the amazing career opportunities that offer tremendous return on investment and exist right here in our own communities.  A direct link to the site is available through the LCEA dropdown menu as the GLOW With Your Hand Virtual Platform, or by clicking here.  Explore, experience, and expand your career horizons!



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