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Lunch and Learn

Connecting Students to Career Professionals

Virtual and in-person lunch and learns provide students with an opportunity to connect with professionals in a particular career field for a deeper dive into the world of work.

Students and a teacher or counselor meet with an industry expert for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on each school district's schedule, to understand what "A Day In The Life" actually looks like in this field.  Presenters share the most rewarding and challenging parts of their jobs, soft skills that are important for success in their line of work, and most importantly - the pathway into the career.  In these small group settings, students are able to ask questions and make valuable connections.

These events allow students to begin to determine if their competencies and dispositions place them on the path to success in the highlighted field.  Programming spans the full array of industry clusters and previews positions that range from entry level, to limited technical training, advanced technical training, and post secondary education from an Associates degree to a PhD.  These sessions create a foundation of understanding of the return on investment that particular positions offer by outlining an array of paths into the career fields presented.

Please contact our Director of Education to Employment Initiatives, Angela Grouse, at or 585-443-2712.

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